Monday, February 14, 2011

love letter from my husband

This is my command: Love Each Other -John15:17

My love language is not gifts, it is time and words of affirmation. To me the best valentine gifts from my husband are not things but a handwritten love letter. My husband and I have been together since we were 12 and our love has grown so much over the years. Perhaps the most noticable change has been in my husband, who did not know the Lord when we first met. Infact, my husband has just begun to grow in his relationship with Christ in the last 5 years. It is truly amazing what God can do to a man. As strong as he is, his gentleness is stronger. Here is the love letter he wrote me for valentines day today:

To my Precious Love,
When I am with you the world seems miles away,
I get lost in your smile, those sweet shimmering lips,
When I gaze into your eyes, I see a soul full of light,
When we embrace, I feel your love pouring into my heart,
We have a bond that I could never find with anyone but you,
There is no corner, no dark place in me that your love cannot fill,
Your tenderness encourages me to be a better man,
I feel unworthy of a love so pure, a woman as stunning and incredible as you,
I thank God for you everyday, and pray to be the husband my beauty deserves,
When I am with you forever is where I want to stay.
Forever your lover,


  1. Hi Shannon

    What a beautiful post. Your husband seems like a wonderful man and you are so blessed to be in love from so young. I pray that God will continue to strengthen your love and marriage as you grow together.

    God bless

  2. Thank you for your kind words Lisa, Happy Valentine's day!

  3. Found your blog through Women Living Well. How funny it is that you write about you and husband being together since you were 12. My hubby and I have been together since the age of 12 as well. We met when I moved into his public school district in 6th grade. And people say high school sweethearts never work out. I guess we both have proved them wrong. God Bless