Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hybrid School

I was reading over women Living Well and she has been doing a series on homeschooling. I have to say that the online homeschooling community has really been an encouragement to me since I have started homeschooling 4 years ago. Without the honesty and suggestions of other moms sharing their day and ideas, I would of felt isolated. What I love most about homeschooling is the freedom to choose what works best for educating our children. In the past few years what works for us has changed and evolved into being part of a hybrid school.

What is a hybrid School? A hybrid school is a bricks and mortar school that my girls attend on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then on Tuesday and Thursday they are homeschooled by me using the lesson plan their teacher has created. There are many benefits for me to this model and it has worked beautifully for our family. Some of the benefits include:
  • Complete Curriculum and lesson plans, no planning
  • Grade level friends and participation in social events with like minded families
  • Families that share the same values
  • small class size
  • Classical and christian education with a high value on moral training
  • Still being the main teacher/guidance in my child's life
  • electives including violin/art/choir/latin/PE/archery/golf/guitar/keyboard
  • Even though they homeschooled 2 times a week they are considered by the stat to be in a fulltime, private school.
  • Being accountable to finish the work on time ( I need this, LOL)
  • More time to play with siblings rather than just friends, promoting their sibling relationship
It has just been amazing for me and our family. I had a my third little girl the same time we started homeschooling and I struggled alot with creating lessons and being able to keep my girls on task and keeping a baby entertained. For this season of my life, I feel my girls are getting the benefits of homeschooling as well as amazing socialization of like minded families. The one challenge is it is private so there is tuition. I am actually a teacher by trade and was given the opportunity to start the preschool program at their school, so I am able to bring my youngest and work as the preschool teacher at the school on Monday and Wednesday. This covers the cost of the tuition for my other two girls.
What I love about this school is that it is just another amazing option to school our children. We do not have to accept the options that are offered to us as parents. We can choose the training of our children and grow our families the way we wish and feel lead. Right now this hybrid shcool is working so well for our family and our children are blooming. At each season of my life I will reevaluate what will work best for my family and make the best decision I can at that time.


  1. After reading your post, I realized that my son is in a hybrid school too. I love that label. It makes sense. Ours is a Charter Montessori school. He's there 3 1/2 days a week and we school the other day and a 1/2. I love being involved but also know that I have a partner in his education.

    I also love your ending statement. We have to stay flexible and open to the Lord's leading.

  2. Our girls currently attend a Christian school, but, like you, we reevaluate our choice at the end of each school year and decide what we feel is the best option for our family for the coming year.

    Hope you have a great night!