Monday, March 7, 2011

Counting my blessings

Counting More Blessings....

Baby brother married

Dressed up and feeling the stares of my husband

Watching my little girls walk down the aisle and throw flowers

Seeing my parents dance the night away, still so very much in love

Feeling God through the love a family

My family singing the night away

Knowing how Amazing my mother is

Watching my husband be humbled by his giggly girls

Dancing through the night with my little girls

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  1. Family singing the night away! I so loved this one! It brought memories flooding back for me of Christmas Eve as my brother lay dying from lung cancer. We sat with him, and we "sang the night away!" In times of joy, in times of pain, and in times of sorrow, songs in the night are the greatest thank-you's we can offer the Lord!!!!! Thank you for your list! and by the way, can I spit out my grumpies, too?????