Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kid Dates

Giving your kids the gift of your undivided attention is something they will never get spoiled on.  If you have mulitiple children , date nights with each child alone is essential.   Below are some ideas to get you on a date with your child! 
1.       Barnes and Noble- share a cookie and tea and then go into the kids section and grab all the books you can and read to them and have them read to you
2.       Go to the park and play WITH them, don’t just watch
3.       Pack a picnic and grab a blanket and find a special spot to have a picnic
4.       Lock yourselves in their room and play a game with them
5.       Go for a walk or bike ride
6.       Create and Keep a date book of ideas you create and want to do together and try to cross them off through the year
7.       Volunteer together.  Pick up trash, visit an elderly community, or call and set up some time to volunteer by calling a local organization
8.       Play miniature golf
9.       Go to a movie in your car and pop some pop corn
10.   Turn on some music and create a dance together
11.   Write  a book together and publish it on the computer, take your time creating the characters and using your imaginations
12.   Get a joke book from the library and tell jokes and LAUGH

Make sure your unplugged from your cell phone, your iphone, your computer and every other distraction.  This is their time with you, a chance for you to show them they are special and deserve your attention, unshared with anything else!  Anyone have any ideas to add and share, I would love to keep a growing list…..

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